Monday, June 30, 2014


A friend gave me a flea-market-find jewellry box with a picture frame in the lid. It seemed like a fun chance to experiment with three-dimensional layers in a collage! Lily is the result.

Like the other collages, it is centered around a 1920s style portrait done in watercolor pencil and black ink. Her dress is a knitted layer in black stretched over silver foil. I added three calla lilies to round out the foreground. Behind her a dragonfly is suspended mid-flight. The background is a sequin starfield suspended above black velvet.

The glass is secured by black and silver board cut in a design I found on an art deco gate. The box is painted in gloss black and is decorated with a black-on-black design from another deco gate.
This one took quite awhile since I needed to experiment with how to secure everything in place, but next time should be quicker. I think making an even bigger 3-D collage with more detail is my next challenge. I'll be keeping an eye out for some large and sturdy boxes!


  1. This is lovely. Nice use of multiple materials too. Can't wait to see more!