Thursday, July 23, 2015

Indulge in a Little Fantasy

I've been finding some great fantasy themed ACEO artwork on Etsy and wanted to share the recent additions to my collection. The first one is titled "Golden Shadow" and comes from Switzerland! It is beautifully done in watercolor. I really like the perspective, as if we are silently and powerlessly watching the scene unfold from a not-so-distant mountain. The artist is Natalia Demakova of Elf'sArt.

Next is a very unique encaustic wax landscape titled "Rainbow Valley 15." The artist is Carole Boyer, from England. I love how her landscapes inspire the imagination--what sort of world is this and who lives in it? Take a look at her shop at CaroleBoyerArt.

Finally, this pair of serpents come from the United States. Jessi Bencloski uses scratchboard to create her fantastic creatures. I wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of that amphiptere's fangs! The other guy doesn't look so mean though, he looks old and wise and I feel like he'd at least offer a cup of tea before he eats me. The photo doesn't do justice for the depth she achieves through her use of light, dark, and color. You can find more of her scratchboard work, as well as the other mediums she is skilled with, on her website Benwhoski.

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