Friday, May 9, 2014

International Living's Incomes Abroad

I was consulted for an article in International Living's Incomes Abroad magazine. It's a very basic summary of the process I described under my DAFT posts. I would also say that getting the residence permit is only the very first step to building a life in Europe. Actually living abroad isn't without its challenges. I wouldn't guarantee the last sentence unless you are proficient in Dutch, but I also live in an area where people rarely practice their English so it really depends on the community. Click here for a larger image if you'd like to read it.


  1. I just read this article and was surprised to see that you are quoted in it. Nice surprise!

  2. Thank you so much for writing this article! My husband and I intend on moving over there in June 2015 under DAFT. We would like to be secure in our residency status well in advance though. Is is possible to do all the paperwork during a visit in Jan 2015?

    1. That's a hard question to answer. When I applied, I needed to be already registered at an address. However, the rules are always changing, so you could try asking the IND if you have to have an address in the Netherlands or not, or if you are eligible to submit the application from abroad if you get the other requirements (ie KVK registration) completed during your visit. Otherwise, read through my blog articles labelled under DAFT, which describe the entire process I had to complete in 2012 and see if you are comfortable attempting that process in that time period, keeping in mind that it can take a week or two to get appointments lined up. Good luck!