Monday, May 27, 2013

Tiptoe Through the Tulpen...Part II

I used a previous post to show off my latest Postmarked Holland postcard (could I fit anymore "posts" in this sentence?), and subsequently was inspired to create several posters (yep!) based on the tulip design.

 I'm pretty happy with the first poster. The red makes a nice focal point and really brightens up the art. I like the simplicity of using just three colors and two tulips.
The second one was initially going to be a companion piece to the first, but part way through I decided to go crazy with red and see how it looked with making the color more than just an accent. Honestly, I prefer the first one with the simple pop of color rather than using the red as a main component. What do you think? I'm tempted to buy a few more colors of markers and make more posters based on the first design, but with a selection of accent colors.
And here I am visiting the Keukenhof Gardens a few weeks ago. I blame this for the tulip madness.


  1. I also like the first poster. The second has too much red, particularly the right background, for the tulpen to "pop". Yellow would be a good color to use for a new poster. Love your work.

    1. Thanks! Yellow is a thought. I just finished a blue one.