Friday, November 22, 2013

DAFT: The IND Appointment

Dutch Immigration Part VI

After going over your checklist of paperwork a couple dozen times, you may finally feel like you are all set to submit your application. Time to make an appointment with the IND! Call the IND number at 0900-1234561 if you are in the Netherlands, or use this number from abroad: + 31 20 8893045. Make sure you have some time to wait on hold.

Rotterdam IND. Photo from
You can look up desk locations and hours here since you will be asked if you have a preference. My closest IND desk was Rotterdam so that was my first choice. However, I was told that Rijswijk was less busy than the others, so if you are flexible you can always ask where the earliest opening is. Still, my experience was to count on at least 2 weeks before you can get an appointment.

I wasn't asked too many questions over the phone. I explained I needed an appointment to apply for a residence permit under the DAFT. They needed my contact information and gave me a case number.

When it was time for me to visit the IND desk, I headed to Rotterdam with a Dutch friend who volunteered to come with me. Turns out it didn't hurt to have her along. She helped me find the office and once inside, we found several consoles with information to direct us where to go. She read through the Dutch menus and determined which section we needed to wait in. We also needed to take a number, even with an appointment, and we sat in the waiting area near the correct section of desks. It took maybe 20 minutes before my number was called.

The IND agent was a stern looking young woman who was fluent in English. I explained why I was there and handed over my application. She methodically sorted through it. She informed me I needed to pay the application fee at the kassa (cash register). My bank card was the easiest way to pay the 600 fee, and when I returned I was surprised to find the stern woman had softened quite a bit. Later my friend told me they had a pleasant conversation in Dutch, and I realized speaking the native language (or having Dutch friends who will help you out until you learn the language yourself) will make life easier here.

I showed the agent my receipt for payment and she took my passport to place a sticker inside, which she initialed and stamped. The sticker allowed me to stay for up to 6 months. It also included my V-number, which is needed for any further dealings with the IND. For instance, the agent explained that at any point I could call to check on the progress of my application using the V-number. After I got the sticker, the agent wished me good luck and I was on my way.

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  1. I am also in the process of applying to stay in the Netherlands under the DAFT. After making an appointment with the IND, they informed me that the application fee is now €1266. Do you know if this has changed since you submitted the fee? I just want to make sure the rules aren't different for applicants using the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty. Thanks for your time! Great article!

    1. As usual, I cannot find a definate answer online. The only note about a fee increase is that all fees were increased by 1.3% after 1/1/14, and I can't find the DAFT listed on the new fee schedule. The only thing I can suggest is to call again and double check with someone else. Sorry!

  2. My husband has succesfully been able to come here to the NL. We received his permit just some days after our wedding (what a wonderful gift from the IND!) The process however has changed since you have applied for the permit. Because we found this blog the most helpful, we want to share this with the future Dutch entrepreneurs!

    He came to the Netherlands, had to go the Municipality Office within 3 days. He needed his passport, birth certificate. After some days, he got a specific approval (it was sent to the IND). They did NOT send him his BSN number, we would get that after the IND approved (which is very confusing, since you need your BSN to sign up for KVK, get a bank account etc.). So we had to call and figure out how to do this. Most of the IND people didn't even know, so I called like a 100 times until I found someone who knew exactly what to do. She told me to specifically ask for her when I would have questions. So we did receive a BSN but after like 2 months, and then we could go to the KVK, set up a bank account (which wasn't really easy since he was from America and the people all didn't speak enough English, I would strongly advise to have someone Dutch to go along to ANY appointment). We made an appointment with the IND, only to figure out we were missing some things (which were not mentioned in the list they sent us) but they just kept his file on hold, we could still send the papers later. So what did we have to show the IND:
    - IND form
    -Bank statement 4500 euro
    -Accountant/MKB/Tax administrative statement --> checked if the 4500 euros was his possession
    -KVK extract
    -NO PROOF of health insurance
    -Business plan (not necessary)

    Price has increased to 1266 euros, however. A very unwelcome surprise, but you gotta pay it or leave!
    And something to be careful about: as soon as you register by KVK, fraud companies will send you fake bills to pay (read the small letters!!) or call your business to have you sign up for an online profile of your business on their website. WATCH OUT! They are very Because he didn't speak good Dutch, he accidentally agreed with one woman and she had 'proof' because (they always) recorded it. So we had to pay 180 euros, or maybe 380. I always forget bad things.

    1. Just goes to show the process is constantly changing (this keeps it extra confusing!) I think the difficulty in being able to find someone at the IND with specific knowledge about the DAFT is why it's important for us to share our experiences. I'm sure your description will be very helpful for others who follow!