Friday, November 8, 2013

The '30s Live Again!

Blouse from Two-Piece Dress In Velvet Boucle Style No. 880
There are some great vintage knitting patterns to be found online. With all of the travelling I do, I don't know why I didn't get in to knitting sooner. Knitting needles sure beat hauling around a sewing machine. I tackled the Style No. 880 Blouse from 1935, which I found on the A Rarer Borealis blog.
This was the first blouse I attempted and I started it last March. Considering I made some size alterations, I think it came out pretty decent. I increased the size to fit better, shaped the waist, added the leafy design, and removed some of the fullness in the puffy sleeves (but only a little--they are still satisfyingly puffy!) I used 10 skeins of Phildar Cotton 3 yarn. I also found some lovely vintage buttons to add (from the 1950s), and got the button band interfacing from Germany. On a side note, the skirt I'm wearing with it had a former life as a table cloth in Durango (ok, so sometimes a sewing machine does come in handy...)
I'm wearing 10 balls of yarn and a table cloth.

German ribbon.
Leafy design from a Russian site I can no longer find.

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